Rich and creamy, full of chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavour like a traditional Irish cream liqueur, Wild-Arbor is full of indulgence, and unique in being totally clear and made from only plant-based, natural ingredients.

All of us

need the elixir

of a little wildness


Inside all of us is a wild thing, 

and there’s always been a part of me that needed to rebel. A small voice at first, and just small things. But I still felt so guilty. Seemed like everywhere I looked there was temptation and guilt. 


My own guiltiest pleasure? 

Cream liqueurs. The ones that always summoned my inner demons. How can it be creamy but last so long tucked away in granny’s cupboard? Where does that colour come from? And what are those artificial ingredients that we have been told to avoid? 


Then I found it, 

My own wild arbor; and under every wild arbor there is a new world to discover. A world of life, fun, and nature, but also love, sensuality, and a little bit of indulgence, too.


A clear cream liqueur,

made from only natural ingredients; free of gluten, free of dairy, free of lactose, and without a single genetically modified organism.


A cream liqueur, 

but as mother nature intended it.

And how to finally silence those remaining little demons?

Wild-Arbor is a carbon neutral organisation. In addition wild-arbor have committed to planting a tree for every bottle of Wild-Arbor imbibed.